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Thursday, June 02, 2005
  some eggs for breakfast
Golly Gee, How Could It Be
Why is Brook Valentine performing at "Afram'Fest 2005 Celebrating the Essence of Family?" Since when did celebrating family include listening to a one hit wonder promote girlfights? I don't think so, heffa. Wrong venue...wrong attitude. I said it before and I'll say it again fuck a girlfight. Also performing are Marques Houston, Lil Mo, Faith Evans & B5. Um...who in the hell is B5? I'll go the night Miki Howard, Evelyn Champaigne King and Roy Ayers perform. Yeah, I'm getting old and I like what I like.

One of my sister's friends called me for advice yesterday: She broke up with her boyfriend and wanted to know how to get her car back...or the money she'd put into the car. The $1000. Mind you his broke ass put in $500. Also, neither one of these fucktards had the smarts to get the title transferred out of the original owner's name, no dmv registration, nothing. After talking to her about getting the title transferred to her name, calling the police and paying him back his portion and having a male friend suggest things that included getting the ex arrested for a felony and beating the young man's ass for being a punk we thought we had her straight. She'd do it my way and get her car and be done with it. When I talked to my sister later she told me her friend decided to have her ex-boyfriend sign a piece of paper saying he'd pay her the money as soon as possible and he'd keep the car. My sister had the common sense to type it put a pay by date on it--freaking January 2006! I'm going to start charging these rugrats for my time since they waste it so damn much.

I rented the P2 game Mafia. Normally I can get through but I'm having a hard time with this. The graphics suck ass and I refuse to let it beat me. REFUSE. Common sense would say take it back and write it off but it was the only copy. I have it until Wednesday and I will beat this bitch. For real.

I tried an aspirin mask the other day. You take 2 aspirin and break them up in warm water and exfoliate your face with them. One day I'll realize that all this stuff I read about doesn't work for everyone--especially my black sex. My face is a mess. This ain't sexy.

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